Special Housing Requests

SAS Accommodations

SAS Accommodations are granted by the Student Accessibility Services office, and students must reapply for accommodation each year. Rising sophomores and seniors with an SAS granted accommodation will have two options: they can accept their housing accommodation and have housing pre-assigned or forgo their housing accommodation in favor of participating in their college room draw process. For students participating in the junior draw, students should note that an SAS accommodation does not guarantee on campus housing; the option to use your SAS accommodation or not only comes into play if on-campus housing is available and secured.

Students should understand that by forgoing their accommodation, there is no guarantee they will receive housing that meets their accommodation.

Religious Accommodations

Yale College has no formal religious accommodation policy, but the residential colleges and the housing team will take reasonable steps to meet students’ needs. For example, students with sabbath obligations can be issued physical keys and assigned to colleges without automatic lighting or plumbing. Students seeking single-gender bathrooms can make requests as described below.

Single-Gender Housing Requests

Housing in Yale College is gender inclusive, with shared mixed-gender bathrooms in most spaces. Students seeking to live on a single-gender floor may communicate this request as part of the housing process. The housing office will collect these requests and match up students to assemble single-gender floors whenever possible; those students will be taken out of the room draw and assigned housing.