Housing Intent Options - Apartments

Current Housing Contract Renewals

This process will be available for your access beginning Wednesday, March 1 and needs to be completed by Wednesday, March 22. Please log in to Self Service, with your NetID and password from Yale CAS (Central Authentication System).  Select ‘Housing Intent’ from the Applications drop down menu to submit your intentions.

For those resident who are eligible to renew their license agreement for the same apartment in the same complex will now be able to do so online through Self Service.

Transferring to Another Apartment or Complex

If you wish to transfer to another apartment or another complex, it will be necessary to send an email to housing@yale.edu to set up a personal appointment to discuss your needs. There are a limited number of transfers available within the Yale Housing System. Most transfers must take place between July 1-15. If you would like to transfer to a specific apartment complex, please include this information in your email. A $250 transfer fee will apply. The new contract will be sent electronically to your Yale email account. 

Graduating Residents

Residents who will be graduating are eligible for early release (May 31). Those residents must submit written confirmation from their department by May 1. Students vacating earlier will still be responsible for rent through May 31. Any special considerations will need to be put in writing and sent to beth.bishop@yale.edu for review. It is not possible to extend any contracts beyond the June 30th expiration date. 

Please be reminded that if you do not use the online system and we do not receive a personal email with your intentions by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, it will be assumed that you will be vacating your apartment by the end of the current contract, June 30, 2017.

Renewal or Subletting

The option to sublet your apartment during the summer months (May-August) is only available to residents who have a signed a renewal license agreement for the new term. Once this is completed, please send an email requesting an appointment to discuss your plans for subletting and its policies. All summer sublets must be approved in advance by Yale Housing. Any resident who sublets an apartment in violation of the Yale Housing Subletting Policy is subject to University termination of their contract.

Summer Academic Leaves, Internships, Research

Students who are away for academic reasons during the month of July are eligible for a 50% reduction in the rent. Written documentation from your department is required by June 1st. Keys are turned to Yale Housing, utilities remain connected, and mail must be forwarded.


An envelope with move-out information will be distributed 30 days before the scheduled vacating date. All apartment housing license agreements expire June 30th. If you have any questions concerning your license agreement, please contact the Yale Housing at 203-432-2167 or email housing@yale.edu. All non-graduating students who wish to vacate early are still responsible for rent charges through June 30th. All residents must vacate their apartments by 12 noon on the last day of their contract.

To make move-out easier, the move-out envelope can be dropped off at Yale Housing at 420 Temple Street during business hours on the day that you vacate, given to the Resident Coordinator at your complex, or placed in a drop-off box near the community rooms or at the main entry of each building. Specific notification of these locations will be given with the vacating instructions delivered to residents in May.

Even if you are unsure of your arrangements by the March 22 intent deadline, please send an email indicating your tentative plans. Communication is key. If you have questions, contact Beth Bishop at 203-432-2167 or by email at beth.bishop@yale.edu.