2014 - 2015 Res Life Events

Fall 2014

  • Welcome BBQ (276 Prospect Street & 276 Prospect Street)
  • Shakespeare at the Park (254 Prospect Street)
  • Welcome Breakfast (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Meet Your Fall Cookie Social (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Taste of New Haven (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Welcome Dinner (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Welcome BBQ (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Ice Cream Social & Building Orientation (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Welcome Ice Cream Social (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Welcome Pizza Party (68 Mansfield) 
  • New Resident Orientation (York Crown Apartments)
  • Safety & Security Orientation (York Crown Apartments & ES Harkness Hall)


  • “Don’t be Too Surprised” Show at the Yale Cabaret (254 Prospect Street)
  • Trampoline Park (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Yale Football Tail Gate Brunch (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Bowling Party (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Afternoon Tea (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Movie Night in the Courtyard (Whitehall Apartments & Esplanade Apartments)
  • Football Kickoff Party (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Welcome BBQ (Esplanade Apartments & Mansfield Apartments)
  • Children’s Playgroup Open House (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Home Depot Children’s Project (Esplanade Apartments & Whitehall Apartments)
  • Movie Night in the Community Room (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Traditional Diwali Celebration Party (68 Mansfield Apartments)
  • All-American Welcome BBQ (York-Crown Apartments)
  • Lyman’s Orchards Bus trip (Yale Housing)


  • Pumpkin Carving (276 Prospect Street)
  • House Dinner at Thai Taste Restaurant (254 Prospect Street)
  • Six Flags New England trip (Helene Hadley Hall)
  • Pumpkin Carving (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Game Night with Insomnia Cookies (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Pediatrician Open Discussion (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Pumpkin Decorating (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Halloween Parade (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Fire Station Children’s Trip (Whitehall Apartments)
  • EBJ Playgroup (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Rose Orchards Bus Trip (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Halloween Party (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Afternoon Tea (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Sunday Football (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Oktoberfest (York-Crown Apartments)
  • Halloween Costume Pre-Party (York-Crown Apartments)


  • Thanksgiving Dinner (276 Prospect Street)
  • “Hunger Games” Movie Outing at Criterion Cinemas (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Yoga Workshop (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • S’mores Around the Campfire (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Sunday Brunch (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Pizza Party Study Break (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Game Night (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Canned Food Drive (Esplanade Apartments)
  • International Holiday Potluck (Esplanade Apartments)
  • National Donut Day Breakfast (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Afternoon Tea (Mansfield Apartments)


  • Wine Tasting (276 prospect Street & 254 Prospect Street)
  • Holiday Party with the Asian Student Network (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Gingerbread House Making (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Paddington Bear Story Time (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Kids Holiday Swap/Shop (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Ornament Decorating (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Yale Hockey Game & Party (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Sunday Night Football (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Afternoon Tea (68 Mansfield Apartments)

Spring 2015

  • Jumpapalooza (276 Prospect Street)
  • Bagel Brunch (254 Prospect Street)
  • Candy Sushi & Staff Appreciation (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Welcome Back Event at Mory’s (ES Harkness Hall & York-Crown Apartments)
  • Dessert Night (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Sunday Night Football (Mansfield Apartments)


  • Yale Housing Fair (Yale Housing)
  • Two Roads Brewery Tour (276 Prospect Street)
  • Oscars Viewing Party (254 Prospect Street)
  • Super Bowl Party (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Wine Tasting (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Super Bowl Party (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Valentine’s Day Children’s Craft (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Super Bowl Party (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Study Break (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Flied Trip to the Peabody (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Super Bowl Party (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Wine Tasting (68 Mansfield Apartments)
  • Super Bowl Viewing (York-Crown Apartments)
  • Trip to Stepping Stones Children’s Museum (Children’s Program)


  • Ice Staking Night (276 Prospect Street, Mansfield Apartments  & York-Crown Apartments)
  • March Madness at Mory’s (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Zumba Smoothie Party (ES Harkness Hall)
  • Cake Decorating Workshop (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Spring Egg Hunt (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Dr. Seuss Children’s Party (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Saturday Brunch (68 Mansfield Apartments)


  • Escape New Haven (276 Prospect Street)
  • House Dinner at Tikkaway (254 Prospect Street)
  • Personal Finance Workshop (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • 5K Run/Walk & Book Drive (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Flower Planting (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Spring Brunch & Egg Hunt (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Night at the Peabody (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Yale Farm Tour (Esplanade and Whitehall Apartments)
  • Wine & Cheese Night (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Spring Fling Keg Party (York-Crown Apartments)
  • Bus Trip to Clinton Crossing Outlet Mall (Off Campus Living)


  • Thimble Island Tour (276 Prospect Street)
  • End of the Year BBQ (254 Prospect Street)
  • Six Flags Bus Trip (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • Karaoke Heroes (Helen Hadley Hall)
  • End of the Year Dinner (Hall of Graduate Studies)
  • Children’s Carnival (Whitehall Apartments & Esplanade Apartments)
  • Yard Sale (Whitehall Apartments)
  • Yale Sale (Esplanade Apartments)
  • Graduation BBQ (Mansfield Apartments)
  • Farewell BBQ (York-Crown Apartments)
  • End of the Year Celebration at the Peabody (Yale Housing)