Residence Life Team

The Yale Graduate Residence Life Team is composed of the Manager of Graduate Residence Life, the Area Advisors, Resident Coordinators, and the Special Projects Coordinators.

The Residence Life Team is dedicated to providing student-centered programs and services with an emphasis on community development, student leadership, individual responsibility and mutual respect, advocacy of academic integrity, and freedom of expression within a diverse and dynamic residential community. 

2017 - 2018 Resident Coordinators

Hall of Graduate Studies (HGS)

Esther Sosa & Grant Mandigora

HGS Facebook Page

Helen Hadley Hall (HHH)

Matthew Hom & Nisheet Nautiyal

HHH Facebook Page

ES Harkness Hall

Dennis Wang & Laurel Kaye

Harkness Facebook Page

254 Prospect Street

Leila Bengali


276 Prospect Street

Blake Thorkelson

276 Facebook Page

68 Mansfield Apartments

Lily Zeng

68 Mansfield Facebook Page

Esplanade Apartments

Maliheh Birjandi-Feriz & Mehdi Safari

Esplanade Facebook Page

Mansfield Apartments

Jeffrey (Alex) Clark Mansfield Facebook Page

Whitehall Apartments

Greg Clifford & Jo Brooks

Whitehall Facebook Page

York-Crown Apartments

Ashley Henry

York Crown Facebook Page

2017 - 2018 Special Projects Coordinators

Children’s Playgroup

Ally Dunn

Jessica Otterstrom


Whitehall Swap Room

Wendy Schmidt

Swap Room Facebook Page

Off-Campus Living

Rebecca Jones

Off Campus Facebook Page