Harkness Gym Membership

ES Harkness Hall (dormitory) has a small gym that is available to the students enrolled in the Yale School of Medicine and residents living in the dormitoryAccess to the gym is automatically added to the your Yale ID card when activated at Registration. 

Most hospital residents working at Yale-New Haven Hospital also have a free membership. Hospital residents MUST apply for membership via the link below before their Yale ID card will be programmed to work on the Harkness Gym doors.

The gym is available to other individuals of the Yale community for a monthly fee. Individuals must complete the online application, and then visit the Membership Office at Payne Whitney Gym to provide a credit card for monthly payment deductions. Once payment is processed, it may take two to four business days to activate an ID card to work at the gym doors. The monthly membership fee is $15.

Membership can be canceled at any time by contacting the Payne Whitey Gym Membership Office and requesting a Harkness Gym Membership Cancelation.

To apply online for the Harkness Gym, click here

Applications for new memberships will be closed until July 5, 2017.