Maintenance and Utilities

For Emergency Repairs in Apartments or Dormitory Rooms:

  1. Call Facilities Customer Service at 203–432–6888.  Yale Facilities will initially respond with 24 hours.
  2. If you have not received a response within 72 hours, please contact Chris Taylor, Yale Housing Manager at 203–432–1071 or He can follow–up with Facilities staff as necessary.

Emergency Repairs that require immediate attention (examples):

  • loss of heat, electricity, or water in your unit;
  • water leaking into or from the ceiling, walls, toilets, bathroom or kitchen pipes, tubs, showers, etc.;
  • broken elevators in the dormitory buildings;
  • bug or rodent sightings;
  • broken doors/windows that effect the safety or security of your person or housing unit;
  • smell of gas. Leave your apartment and contact Southern CT Gas Co. at 1–800–659–8299.

Routine Repairs in Graduate Apartments and Dormitories

For residents living in Graduate Housing please use the Facilities on-line work request. Log in with your Yale Net ID and Select ‘Facilities Work Request’ to complete your work request.

Routine repairs not reportable to Customer Service (examples):

  • Washer/Dryer malfunctions. Contact Mac–Gray at 1–800–622–4729 or Mac–Gray Intelligent Laundry Systems website. Work Requests can also be submitted on-line at www.macgray.compassword: yalebulldogs.
  • Broken window shades or blinds provided by the University. Please contact Yale Housing Office.
  • Replacement of items such as “replace my mattress” in the dorms or “replace my kitchen stove” in the apartments. Please contact Yale Housing Office.
  • Cleaning requests of your personal room or apartment. Students are expected to clean their own units.

Utilities Information for Yale Graduate Apartments

If applicable to your Graduate Apartment, please call these utility, telephone and cable providers in order to set up service:

  • Electricity: United Illuminating, 1–800–722–5584
  • Gas: Southern Connecticut Gas Company, 1–800–659–8299
  • Telephone:Frontier, 1-888-481-0526
  • Television: Comcast Cablevision 1–800–266–2278 (Satellite dishes are not permitted)
  • Internet:
    1. AOL: 1–800–392–5180
    2. AT&T: 1–800–WORLDNET
    3. Comcast: 1–800–COMCAST
    4. Verizon: 1–203–869–5222
  • Cell Phone Service:
  1. Cingular Wireless

    3300 Whitney Avenue, Hamden

  2. Sprint

    125 Boston Post Road, Orange

  3. T–Mobile

    109 Church Street

  4. Verizon Wireless

    116 Boston Post Road, Orange