Alterations to the Housing

Residents are not permitted to make any changes  to the design of the housing unit. All requests must be made to the Operations Manager for review and if permitted will be scheduled with approved University workers. If an alteration is made without approval, there will be a fine assessed, and termination of the contract may be considered.


You are responsible for the full term of the license agreement. If you wish to terminate your license agreement and vacate before the end of its term, you will be responsible for all rent charges posted to your YalePay account. All early terminations will incur a cancellation fee based on this schedule:

April - $750

May - end of license agreement - $2,500

Only students who have an authorized leave of absence or medical leave of absence may cancel their license agreement and be released from all future rent charges. A cancellation fee will apply as above. 

Care of the Premises

Apartments and dormitory rooms should be kept in a clean, safe, and orderly fashion. Day-to-day clutter should be kept to a minimum. Garbage should be disposed of regularly, and food should not be left lying around, as it poses a health and safety risk. Inspections are done several times a year to note any maintenance and facility concerns as well as the overall condition of the unit. Fines may be imposed.

Illegal Appliances

Personal appliances, including washing machines and dishwashers, as well as space heaters, are not allowed in either dormitories or apartments. If there is a special need, it is necessary to talk with the appropriate manager to see if any exception can be made. Air-conditioning units are not permitted in dormitories. The fine of $100 per appliance will be assessed for the discovery of the appliance and may include termination of the housing contract.

Late Departure

All Yale Housing license agreements have an expiration date. This end date allows the office to schedule and prepare work that is needed to be done for new arrivals. Staying in the housing beyond this date is not permitted. Extenuating circumstances will require special permission from the manager in advance. Departure after the end date without permission will be subject to a fine of $500 fine and a $50 per night charge, which will be assessed to a student’s YalePay account.

Lost Keys/Lock-Outs

Please notify Yale Housing Office if you have lost your key(s). A replacement fee of $50 per key will be charged to the your YalePay account. Residents who are locked out of their apartments can contact Security at 203-785-5555 for an officer to open their doors.  

Dormitories residents who are locked out of their rooms can borrow a key, free of charge, from the Key Watch box located in their dormitory building. The key must be returned to the lock-out box within 48 hours to avoid fees.  Students can also contact their Community Fellow for assistance in obtaining a key from the Key Watch box, or contact Yale Security to be let into their bedroom.

In some cases lost or stolen keys pose a security risk and may result in replacing the lock mechanism and issuing new keys. Students are assessed a $350 fee to their YalePay accounts for this service, including $50 replacement key fee.


There is no on-site parking available for dormitory residents. Dormitory residents requiring parking should contact the Yale Parking Office. There is limited parking at some of our Apartment complexes. Refer to the specific building page for parking availability. Complexes where parking is provided is limited to one (1) space per unit. All residents must register their vehicle yearly with the Housing Office and provide a copy of their vehicle registration. Parking stickers will be provided and must be properly displayed on the inside of the vehicle’s front windshield, passenger-side. No vehicle maintenance is allowed to take place in the parking areas. Residents are restricted from using building water supply to wash their vehicles. Residents who are away from campus must leave their keys and instructions to move their vehicle with another resident for plowing purposes during inclement weather. There is no parking for guests of residents. Failure to abide by any of the above will subject your vehicle to being towed at the owner’s cost and responsibility. The university will not be held liable for any damage resulting from the towing of any vehicle.

Packing and Shipping

Students are responsible for arranging the packing, shipping and storage of their own belongings. Any student who has an active assignment and leaves belongings in their room, will be charged an in-room storage fee. Students who leave belongings behind and do not have an active assignment, will be charged for the removal of those belongings


Pets are not permitted in Yale Housing.  Confirmation that the pet policy has been violated will result in a daily fine until the issue is resolved and may include immediate termination of the housing agreement.


Yale Housing is dedicated smoke-free housing. There are no exceptions for smoking within the dormitory buildings or the apartments. If you smoke, you must be 10 meters (approximately 30 feet) from the property. A fine of $50 for each occurrence noted will be assessed to the student’s YalePay account. Repetition of this infraction can result in termination of the housing contract.

Sublet Policy

The University restricts subletting to Yale Housing single-occupancy apartments or family-housing. The Yale Housing Office allows for residents to sublet their apartment to other Yale affiliates during the summer months (May-August) only. Subletting is not permitted in shared two- or three-bedroom apartments or in dormitories. Apartments may not be sublet during the academic year. Individual bedrooms within an apartment may not be sublet during the academic year.  All eligible apartment residents must comply with the following University policies:

  • Student must have a signed valid license agreement with Yale Housing for the next academic term beginning July 1.
  • Sublet agreement must be completed by all parties and approved by a representative of the Yale Housing Office prior to contract holder departure and sublettor arrival.
  • All advertisements (postings, whether electronically, published print or hard copy) need to be approved by the Yale Housing Office prior to posting.
  • University student contract holder is fully responsible for making sure that the monthly payments to their YalePay account are made during the sublet period. The sublettor is require to submit full payment for sublet term to the resident (contract holder). Proof of payment must be submitted to the Yale Housing Office prior to occupancy.
  • The contract holder assumes responsibility for all damages beyond normal wear and tear that may be caused to the premise during the period of subletting and bears all costs of such repairs.

Transfer/Room Change Policy

Transfer requests for the next academic year must be made during the Housing Intent period. All physical transfers are completed between July 1 - July 15. There is a $350 transfer fee, which will be billed to the student’s YalePay account.

For the dormitories, students can request a room change to a new dormitory building or room during the academic year. Students need to submit a Room Change Request form to Yale Housing. If and when space is available, Yale Housing will contact students with new building or bedroom options. There is a $350 transfer fee, which will be billed to the student’s YalePay account.