Room Draw

Room Draw is an annual process whereby students can select their living arrangements for the following year. Below, you will find an overview of the phases of the Room Draw. You can also find information related to eligibility, accommodations, class definitions, and frequently asked questions.


Stages of Room Draw

Intent Declaration

During the Intent stage, all eligible students will register their intent to live either on campus or off campus for the 2024-2025 academic year in the Undergraduate Housing Portal.  Changes to intent can be made until Intent Declaration closes.


Group Formation

During group formation, every student who has registered intent to live on campus must either create or join a housing group. Students who are seeking to live alone in a stand-alone single should create a group for one. Students can make changes to their group throughout the group formation phase, or until their group is finalized and confirmed. Any student who is not part of a confirmed housing group at the end of group formation will not be able to proceed in the housing selection process.


Oversubscription & Regrouping

Oversubscription occurs when the number of confirmed groups of a particular configuration is larger than the number of suites available in that configuration. In cases where there is oversubscription, a pre-lottery will be held to determine which groups will be able to remain in their selected suite size, and which will be disbanded. If disbanding does occur, and there are undersubscribed configurations, the disbanded groups will need to reform into an available configuration. If there are no, or insufficient, undersubscribed configurations, it’s possible that some students may not receive on campus housing through the room draw.


Lottery & Room Selection

After Oversubscription is complete, each group will be randomly assigned a room selection appointment.  Each room selection appointment will last for 15 minutes, during which time the group can select a suite and assign beds to all group members.  Students must place all group members into a bedroom and confirm their suite and room selection in order to secure their selected housing.