Graduate Housing Applications are acce​pted only in this online, electronic format. 

The Housing Application for the 2024-2025 Academic Year for Graduate and Professional students will open on April 1, 2024. Room Selection will begin the week of April 22nd.  Details will be provided to you once you have submitted your application. Please be sure to review the webinar, application procedures, and general information before applying. There is limited availability. 

  • Shared Apartments
    • Whitehall, 68 Mansfield and Yale Divinity Quadrangle (for Divinity students only) 
  • Dormitories
    • HHH (one-year residency limit), 254 Prospect (one-year residency limit), 276 Prospect (one-year residency limit), ES Harkness Hall, Baker Hall,  and 272 Elm (one-year residency limit for GSAS students only),  Mansfield (one-year residency limit).
  • Family Housing
    • Esplanade, Whitehall

Applications for graduate housing can be accessed using this link to log into your Self Service.

Especially for graduate students applying for housing from India - please make sure your VPN is changed to a US location before applying for housing.