Class Definitions

Students are assigned by default to the draw associated with their academic year. If their academic year does not align with their original matriculation class, they may shift their assignment and “draw up” if they wish. Note that students may only participate in their college’s senior draw once; in any subsequent housing cycles, students who have already drawn as a senior will participate in the junior draw.

For the 2024-2025 Housing Draw, the following Class Definitions will apply:

  • All students who were originally members of class 2024 and who entered in the fall of 2020 will participate in the junior draw, whether they are a fall term completer or not, unless they have not yet participated in a senior draw in their college and they are not completing their degree in fall 2024.
  • Students should recall that they cannot enter their college’s senior draw for a second term.
  • They should be prepared for the possibility that on-campus housing might only be available via a waitlist within their residential college or annex-housing. 
  • All students who were originally members of class 2025 and who entered in the fall of 2021 will be classified as seniors. 
  • All students who were originally members of class 2026 will be classified as juniors and participate in the junior draw. Any fall 2022 matriculant who wishes instead to be housed with the sophomore class as a result of a leave or other postponement of enrollment may request reclassification by contacting the Undergraduate Housing team. On campus housing for juniors is not guaranteed. 
  • All students who were originally members of class 2027 and who have completed at least one term at Yale, will proceed through the draw as sophomores unless otherwise designated. 
  • Students contracting housing are doing so with the expectation that they will reside on campus for a full academic year. Students relinquishing housing after contracting it must do so in accordance with Yale Undergraduate regulations, and should expect to pay the room relinquishment fee. 
  • Deciding to live off campus this academic year does not prohibit you from seeking future on-campus housing. .

Note that students will only be eligible to house with students in their same draw classification. Mixed year housing is not allowed, with the exception of students who, due to taking one or more semesters off, have had a change in their class year per the class definitions outlined in this document.  These students, if they have opted to “draw up” to participate in housing with their matriculation year, may house with members of that year.