Summer Storage 2024

Spring 2024 move-out is by 3 pm on Thursday, May 9. 
Pack before move-out day, and plan to take all of your belongings with you. Storage is not available on campus. You may arrange shipping or storage with an outside vendor. More information below:

Plan - Move-out readiness starts NOW!

Declutter & Donate

  • Spring break is the perfect time for spring cleaning - take back some of your clothing (one less thing to pack at the end of the year)
  • Donation options include:


  • What are you doing with your personal items?
    • Taking/driving items home?
    • Need local storage?
    • Taking some home, storing some locally?
    • Shipping items?
  • If in need of local New Haven storage:  
    • Identify your “must store” items 
    • Familiarize yourself with storage options and the total cost.  Cost may include getting items to and from storage facility, packing materials, insurance, minimum date requirement (usually 4 months), taxes and early drop-off or early pickup fees.
    • Discounts are often available for early signup, pre-paying, and special-time campaign
    • Find friends looking to store and split the storage unit cost 
    • See if off-campus friends have available space

Storage and Shipping Options

Dorm Room Movers

Bulldog Beds

  • Yale vetted vendors
  • Boxes and tape will be shipped to you to pack (requires registration)
  • Pick up at your room door on your selected date
  • Free delivery in the fall on your selected date
  • Stored items insured up to $150
  • Varied discount codes available, including spring sales
  • More details:
    • Box and per item-based pricing
    • 4-month minimum
    • Four-month cost average of $450 or as low as $79

Storage Unit Rental 

  • Rent a storage unit by yourself
  • Rent storage unit with friends – share transportation, rental cost and fees
  • Store items with an off-campus friend with available space

Support for High-Need Students

Eligibility criteria

  • On-campus resident during both Spring 2024 and Fall 2024.
    Parent share up to $10,000.
    Permanent residency zip code exceeds 150 miles from New Haven.
Support overview
Yale College will cover up to 75% of the cost to store with Dorm Room Movers or Bulldog Beds. Yale College support will not exceed $340 per student.
Participating students are responsible for the initial registration cost.
2025 Yale College support will shift to 50% of storage cost, not exceeding $225. 

Action needed from you

Register with Dorm Room Movers or Bulldog Beds by May 1.
Pay the registration fee.
Follow the instructions provided by the storage vendor.

After you register

Eligible students who register with either vendor will receive a confirmation email from Student Resources by May 3. Final storage cost will be determined when items are picked up by the vendor. Yale College will pay 75% of that cost (up to $340) directly to the vendor. You will be responsible for paying the remaining balance.
Please direct questions to Yale College Student Resources at