Fire Safety

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

By law, each apartment contains both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The Yale Fire Marshall’s Office is responsible for the correct operation of the unit and provides yearly inspections. If the unit “beeps” periodically, that indicates the battery needs replacement. Call the Housing Office. An employee of the Fire Marshall’s Office will replace the battery. Do not remove batteries or tamper with the smoke detector! In case of a building fire alarm, vacate your apartment immediately. Do so even if there is no fire and no matter how often the alarm goes off. If the detector beeps because of steam from the bathroom or kitchen, the best thing to do is open a window to let the steam out.

Fire Safety Codes

It is a violation of the State and Local Connecticut Fire Safety codes for belongings to impede entries and exits of residential housing. Therefore, it is essential that all bikes, strollers, shoes, toys, etc. be removed from the hallways and placed inside the apartment or in alternate storage areas in your building.

Fire drills are randomly scheduled for all dormitories and apartment complexes. When the alarm is sounded, everyone must vacate the building. It is not a matter of choice. The Fire and Police Departments are the only ones who can authorize the return to the building.  

Fire Safety

If the fire alarm sounds, leave your room at once and exit the building through the nearest exit stairwell. Wait outside by the front of the building until the Fire Marshall says it is safe to reenter the building.

  • Use the fans above the stove when cooking (where available).
  • Never leave the kitchen when you are cooking.
  • Do not use high heat when cooking.
  • If you set off the alarm in a non-fire incident, call 911 to let Yale Police know it is a non-emergent alarm. Only the person who sets off the alarm should make the call.

Every apartment is equipped with a carbon monoxide and smoke detector. They were all inspected this summer. If one of these should start beeping, please report it to Facilities at (203) 432-6888 immediately. Safety and evacuation plans are posted in every hallway. The buildings are wired to a centralized fire alarm system. The fire alarms can occasionally be activated by daily activities such as steam from the shower or cooking on the stove. Whitehall, Esplanade, and some of the Mansfield kitchens are equipped with exhaust hoods over the stoves, which will circulate the air. Opening a nearby window while cooking will help as well to prevent false fire alarms.  Please review Campus Housing Fire Safety and Yale University Evacuation Plan.

Holiday Decorations

  • Never attach or hang anything from a sprinkler pipe or sprinkler head. The water damage that can result is immense.
  • Candles and open flames are prohibited due to the fire risk. LED candles are a suitable alternative.
  • All trees or decorations should be located a safe distance from sources of heat.
  • Keep your fire egress paths clear when installing any holiday decorations or furnishings.
  • Only use holiday lights when you are at home and awake, and please keep in mind the following when installing holiday lights:
    • Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of holiday-related accidents.
    • Worn-out electrical cords and plugs should be replaced.
  • Please do not install any lights or other decorations in the common areas outside your apartment or room.