Check Out Checklist

Check Out Instructions

  • Remove all personal belongings, including furniture, wall decorations, lights, refrigerators and other appliances, from your room and common room.
  • Empty and clean out your closet, bureau, wardrobe, and desk drawers.
  • Sweep and clean all floors and fireplace.
  • Return any dining hall property; renew or return library books.
  • Ensure all Yale issued microwaves and mini-fridges are cleaned, emptied and unplugged.
  • Ensure all Yale issued curtains are in place in the proper windows.
  • Ensure All Yale issued furniture is assembled and in its original location.
  • Remove all trash from room and place it in the dumpster.
  • Report any issues to Facilities Customer Service, 203.432.6888.
  • Remove your bike. Any bikes left on campus will be considered abandoned and removed.
  • Close and lock the door to your individual room.

Yale Carbon Charge

The items listed below contribute to the efforts of the Yale Carbon Charge. Visit the Yale Carbon Charge website for additional information.

  • Donate unwanted items or recycle them appropriately.
  • Switch off all lights.
  • Unplug all appliances.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Set radiator to 3. Report any issues to Facilities Customer Service by calling 203-432-6888.

Information on Fines

  • Failure to complete move out through the Yale Undergraduate Housing portal will result in an automatic charge of $20.
  • Failure to completely vacate your room by 3:00pm on move out day will result in an automatic fine of $100 charged to your University account.
  • For rooms that require special cleaning, an additional charge of $60 per hour minimum, per person, will be levied. Removal of unauthorized/excess items from rooms, common rooms or hallways will generate a fine of $60 per small item and $120 per large item.
  • An additional charge of $60 per hour minimum will be levied if Yale owned micro fridge/microwave unit is left uncleaned.
  • For missing Yale-issued microwaves and refrigerators the $500 cost of replacement will be charged to the occupant(s) of the room/suite. If your refrigerator was moved after move-in check with your college’s ADO to confirm its new location is noted.
  • For missing Yale-issued Dorm Furniture, cost of replacement will be charged to the occupant(s) of the room/suite. (The Dorm Furniture Inventory, a copy of which was left in your room at the start of the year, itemizes what furniture must be in the room.)
  • Yale-issued Dorm Furniture that has been moved and not returned to its original location will generate a reconfiguration fine of $60 per room.
  • If you have painted your room, or damaged the walls/ceiling in your room, you will be charged a minimum of $100 per wall/ceiling. Any repairs to the room will be charged at the actual cost, $117 per hour as minimum. Yale takes no responsibility for items left on University property.

Fees are assigned to individual students based on their assigned rooms. Fees associated with communal areas (ie a suite common room) are divided amongst all suitemates. Fees are charged to Student Accounts over the summer.  Questions about fees related to move out should be directed to college facilities staff.