Frequently Asked Questions - Apartment FAQs

We have various check-in appointment times both during and after business hours for your convenience. If you plan to arrive outside the allotted time frames, you will need to book a hotel for the night and check in during the next available move in date/time.

2023 Available Check-In times:

  • Monday-Thursday 9am – 3pm
  • Friday, August 4 – Sunday, August 6 from 10:00am – 8:00pm.
  • Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20 from 10:00am – 8:00pm.

All residents are required to have a move-in appointment. To schedule your appointment please visit:

Rent is billed to your student YalePay account and will appear on your monthly statement. Rent charges are posted approximately 5 weeks before the first of each month. Students who receive a stipend from the University may arrange to have rent automatically deducted from their stipend checks. To arrange automatic deductions, or if you have any other questions, please contact Student Financial Services at 203-432‐2700 or

Plan to bring furniture, bedding, TV, computer, microwave, extension cords, plates/glasses/utensils, lamps, small kitchen appliances (blender, toaster, coffee machine), and a tool kit.

The following things are not allowed: Pets, firearms/ammunition, hoverboards, Lime scooters, prohibited appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, freezer units), and waterbeds.

All utilities are included in your monthly rent. 

All Yale Graduate Housing residents are required to have renter’s insurance.  A property insurance policy will be purchased for all residents. A fee $60 will be applied to your YalePay account.  Residents with proof of insurance may opt out by September 1st.

No, you cannot ship packages to your apartment before you move in, because there are no services available to receive them.

The following is a brief list of stores in the surrounding areas. 

  • IKEA (, 450 Sargent Drive, Long Wharf, New Haven, 203-865‐4532
  • Railroad Salvage, 1131 Campbell Avenue, West Haven, 203-933‐5468
  • Bedding Barn, 131 Boston Post Road, Orange, 203-795‐0271
    • 314 Washington Avenue, North Haven, 203-239‐4461
  • Goodwill Store & Donation Center, 61 Amity Road, 203-397‐2735
  • Goodwill Store & Donation Center, 305 Boston Post Road, Milford, 203-584-9007
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store & Donation Center, 1349 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, 203-230‐2323
  • Sleepy’s, 130 Universal Drive, North Haven, 203-239-5252

Typical floor plans for each apartment complex can be found on each building’s page

It is permissible to paint your apartment with other colors. Please remember that when you vacate, the walls need to be returned to their original color to avoid penalties.

Report all maintenance requests to Facilities Customer Services at 203-432-6888 or online at to complete a work request.

If you have not renewed your license agreement you must move out by noon on the last day of your lease. For most occupants, this is June 30.

Failure to properly maintain the apartment and/or prepare it for move-out will result in fines applied to our YalePay account. The following is a guideline:

Depending on the issue, the cost may vary:

  • Excessive cleaning: charged according to material cost and hourly rates
  • Refrigerator (cleaned & defrosted): $30
  • Stove (burners & exterior): $20
  • Oven (interior): $20
  • Bathroom: $35
  • Kitchen cabinets: $10
  • Trash removal (per room): 410
  • Furniture removal (per item): $30
  • Floors (per room): $20
  • Mini-blinds (per window): $10
  • Walls, ceiling, and trim (per room): $30
  • Carpeting (per room): $50
  • Smoke detectors: $10–$44
  • Damage repairs: actual cost to replace the item
  • Maintenance repairs above normal wear and tear to the apartment will be
    assessed additional charges.

An envelope with move out information will be distributed 30 days prior to the scheduled vacating date.  All residents must vacate their apartment by 12 pm noon on the last day of their contract. 

  • For those residents who have a $700 security deposit on file with Graduate Housing, once you have returned your keys at the end of your housing license agreement and your apartment has been inspected, we will process your security deposit refund as a credit to your YalePay account. You can then request a refund from Student Financial Services. Refunds take approximately one month to process.  Please visit to request the refund from your student account if you have a credit balance.
  • Failure to properly maintain the apartment and/or prepare it for move-out will result in fines assessed to your YalePay account.  Any other monies owed to the University will be deducted by the Bursar’s Office to satisfy those charges.

The last day to apply for the packing and shipping of student belongings due to Covid  because of visa or travel restrictions is June 30, 2021. After that date, students will be responsible for arranging the packing, shipping and storage of their own belongings. Any student who has an active assignment and leaves belongings in their room, will be charged an in-room storage fee. Students who leave belongings behind and do not have an active assignment, will be charged for the removal of those belongings.