Frequently Asked Questions - Dormitory FAQs

We have various check-in appointment times both during and after business hours for your convenience. If you plan to arrive outside the allotted time frames, you will need to book a hotel for the night and check in during the next available move in date/time.

2023 Available Check-In times:

  • Monday-Thursday 9am – 3pm
  • Friday, August 4 – Sunday, August 6 from 10:00am – 8:00pm.
  • Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20 from 10:00am – 8:00pm.

All residents are required to have a move-in appointment. To schedule your appointment please visit:

For students who have a security deposit ($700) on file with Yale Graduate Housing, it will stay for as long as you live within Yale Graduate Housing. When you vacate your room at the end of the license agreement, the security deposit will be credited to your YalePay account within one month of your departure. You may request a refund from Yale Student Financial Services. 

Housing at 254 Prospect, 276 Prospect, ES Harkness Hall, Helen Hadley Hall, and one-bedroom and the efficiency units at Baker Hall are designated as single-occupancy bedrooms, and may only be occupied by the student whose name is on the housing license agreement. No one else may live in the room or unit.

272 Elm and Baker Hall have two-bedroom shared units and are designed for living with a roommate. Each roommate has their own private bedroom. The units share common spaces like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

There are no mandatory meal plans in any of the dormitories. Optional meal plans can be purchased through Yale Hospitality. 

Sorry, pets are not allowed in the dormitories. Requests for Support Animals or Emotional Support Animals must be vetted through and approved by Student Accessibilities Services office ( 

The dormitories do not have dedicated parking for resident use. There is metered street parking around all buildings, but students are subject to the parking rules, fines, and enforcement by the City of New Haven.

Please contact Yale Parking and Transit to arrange access to a Yale lot or parking garage (for a semester or academic year fee).


Students can have packages sent to the Barnes & Noble Student Package Center located at 77 Broadway lower level. Office hours are Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays 12 noon to 5 p.m. 

Packages can be sent no sooner than 2 days prior to your arrival date. Once packages are received, they will be held for 3 days for pickup and will be returned to sender on the 4th day. If your items were already shipped prior to 2 days of your return day and you are unable to collect the items in the 3-day grace period because you have not yet arrived back on campus, the items will be returned to sender.

Please address all student packages in the following format:

Student Name (the name that is affiliated with your Yale email address and preferred name if it applies)

Barnes & Noble Student Package Center

Hall and Room Number

77 Broadway, Lower Level

New Haven, CT 06511

Students will receive an email when your UPS, DHL, USPS, Fed Ex, Amazon, or LaserShip package has been scanned and received at the Student Package Center. Do not come to the package center until you receive a second email letting you know it is “ready for pickup.” Lastly, once you pick up your package, you will receive a final email stating your package has been picked up.

Yale Graduate Housing does accept packages and mail in some of our locations. Residents must be aware that having packages or mail delivered to these locations is at their own risk. Yale Graduate Housing cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of packages that may have been delivered, whether or not they are signed for by a university employee. Residents are required to have personal liability insurance and encouraged to have theft included in their coverage. Insurance purchased on behalf of the student, pursuant to our regulations, has this coverage included. However, there is a $100 deductible that is the responsibility of the resident. All residents are strongly encouraged to use the Barnes & Noble Student Package Center or open a P.O. Box at Yale Station for the purpose of safeguarding mail and package delivery.


Mail is delivered to our residence halls through the U.S. Postal Service. Mail from the USPS is received Monday through Friday in all halls. Only mail that has your name on it will be delivered to your box. Mail should be addressed as noted below.

ES Harkness Hall
Your Name
367 Cedar Street
Box # (Room Number)
New Haven, CT 06510
Helen Hadley Hall
Your Name
420 Temple St
Box # (Room Number)
New Haven, CT 06511
276 Prospect Street
Your Name
276 Prospect St
Box # (Room Number)
New Haven, CT 06511
254 Prospect Street
Your Name
254 Prospect St
Box # (Room Number)
New Haven, CT 06511
272 Elm Street (mail only; no packages)
Your Name
272 Elm Street
Box # (Room Number)
New Haven, CT 06511

Baker Hall
There is no mail delivery to Baker Hall. Resident can rent a Post Office Box from Yale Station upon arriving. 


The housing license agreement begins on August 1. You may schedule to move in on or after that date. 


You are responsible for the full term of the license agreement. If you wish to cancel your license agreement and vacate before the end of the license agreement term, you will still be responsible for all rent charges posted to your YalePay account. All early terminations will be subject to the following cancellation fee timeline:

  • $500 if you cancel during the month of April
  • $750 if you cancel during the month of May
  • $1,000 if you cancel between June - November
  • $2,000 if you cancel from December until the end of the license agreement

Only students who have an authorized leave of absence or medical leave of absence may cancel their license agreement and be released from all future rent charges. The cancellation fee will still apply.

Flooring is different in each building.

  • ES Harkness Hall – all rooms have tile floors.
  • 254 Prospect Street – all rooms have carpeted floors.
  • 276 Prospect Street – most rooms have carpeted floors. Some rooms have tile/wood floors.
  • Baker Hall - tile, cork and carpeted floors.
  • HHH – all rooms have tile floors.
  • 272 Elm – vinyl plank in bedrooms and kitchens; ceramic tile in bathrooms.

Windows in the buildings are of various sizes and shapes. All buildings have window treatments (vertical blinds, venetian blinds, or window shades) that allow for privacy and the limitation of light in the room. Students are encouraged to purchase a spring-loaded tension rod to hold sheers or curtains.

The dormitory rooms are furnished with an extra-long (80-inch) twin-size bed frame and mattress (bedding not included), desk and desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe unit (if other built in closets and dressers are not available). Most rooms also come with bookshelves and a sitting chair.

Yale Graduate Housing is currently at the beginning of a furniture replacement cycle, so the quality and style of furniture in the various rooms on campus is NOT standard from room to room and often does not match. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to purchase and install furniture to make every room equitable.

At 272 Elm the rooms are furnished with a full size bed and mattress (bedding not included), desk, desk chair and wardrobe. The kitchenettes have refrigerator, 4 burner stove/oven, and microwave. 

At Baker Hall, the one-bedroom units have a queen size bed and mattress (bedding not included). The two-bedroom units have a twin extra-long bed and mattress (bedding not included). All have bedside table, desk and desk chair, five-drawer dresser. The common rooms include wood coffee table, table/chair, lounge chair, sofa and console. The efficiency has a twin-extra long bed and mattress (bedding not included). 

Cooking is not allowed within any dormitory room at 254 Prospect, 276 Prospect, HHH or Harkness Hall.  Kitchen spaces are provided within the buildings for your convenience. 

There are kitchens in each unit at 272 Elm and Baker Hall. 

No, you may not send any belongings prior to your arrival.

We understand that delays to your travel plans can occur. However, check-in times are based on staff availability. If you need to make changes to your check-in appointment, please email  If no alternate times are available, you may have to find hotel arrangements and check in during the next available appointment. 

The last day to apply for the packing and shipping of student belongings due to Covid  because of visa or travel restrictions is June 30, 2021. After that date, students will be responsible for arranging the packing, shipping and storage of their own belongings. Any student who has an active assignment and leaves belongings in their room, will be charged an in-room storage fee. Students who leave belongings behind and do not have an active assignment, will be charged for the removal of those belongings.

Your dormitory room is furnished. See the individual building page for more details. You will need to provide your own bedding (pillow, sheets, blankets, etc.). You will need to also provide your own towels, washclothes, soap, etc. At Harkness Hall, HHH, 254 and 276 Prospect there are shared kitchens.  You may want to bring cooking supplies (pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, etc.) if you plan on cooking your own meals. All cooking supplies must be brought back to your room. There is no storage in these kitchens. At 272 Elm and Baker Hall (2 bedroom shared units), you will share the kitchen with your roommate. You may want to bring cooking supplies (pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, etc.). 

At HHH, there are 2 shared freezers in each kitchen. At Harkness Hall, there is a shared freezer in each kitchen. Harkness Hall has a small dormitory-size refrigerator in each room. 

254 and 276 Prospect have shared refrigerator/freezers in the common areas. 

Every hall has a laundry room. You will need to bring your own laundry supplies (laundry basket, detergent, softner, etc.). 

HHH has a ceiling fan in each room.