Helen Hadley Hall Dorm Closure (Summer 2024) FAQs

No, this has no effect on the renewal for the next academic year. The term of occupancy will be August 1, 2023 – May 26, 2024.

No, if you choose to stay within Yale Graduate Housing after the summer of 2024, you can stay in HHH until the room transfer, typically in the beginning of June. If you are leaving Graduate Housing you will not be able to stay past May 26, 2024.

Currently, if students choose to transfer within Yale Graduate Housing or move off campus, they are responsible for coordination, logistics, and cost of moving (including boxes, moving costs, and packing materials, etc). The same would apply.

As a current Yale Housing resident, you will have priority in the rest of our portfolio, plus some additional University Properties where you can stay until you complete your academic program.

No. The occupancy limits will only be for some of the units that will be part of this program. The goal is to make sure that international and first year students have a landing place in New Haven. We also know that many students appreciate living in Yale-owned housing for the duration of their academic program. There will be housing options for both groups.

Yes, 254 Prospect Street, 276 Prospect Street, and Mansfield Apartments will become 1-year occupancy only beginning Fall 2024. Anyone living in these units will have priority in the room selection process for a different assignment. The one year occupancy will continue at 272 Elm Street for 1st year GSAS students only.

This will not affect any of the other Yale Graduate Housing properties, you will be able to continue to renew.

We will waive the transfer fee.

The Housing Office will be relocating but the new location has not yet been determined.

All of the University Properties will be located close to campus and will be finalized and published at a later date.

Rent for the additional University Properties will be billed through Student Yale Pay accounts.

Students will be able to create a profile in our housing software database, search for roommates based on preferences, match, and select a room assignment. More information will become available closer to the 2024 room assignment process.