⪼ Please note the recent change in university policy that prohibits battery-powered micro-mobility devices in all residential spaces. ⪻

Housing Policies

Undergraduate Regulations

Students in their first four terms of enrollment must live on campus unless they are married or are at least twenty-one years of age on the first day of classes in the term in question. On-campus housing is guaranteed to first-year students and sophomores, for whom residence is required. Housing is generally available for all who request it, but availability is not guaranteed. Please visit Yale College Undergraduate Regulations for complete Housing Regulations.

*Battery-Powered Micro-Mobility Devices

Due to the risk of fire, all battery-powered micro-mobility devices (e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-bikes, etc.) are prohibited from Yale University residential properties (e.g., Yale College housing, Yale Graduate Housing, University Properties, and all other Yale owned or leased residential buildings). This prohibition includes storage and charging. Approved mobility devices for people with disabilities are exempt from this policy.

Fee/Reimbursement Schedule

An undergraduate who participates in the room draw of a residential college in the spring and accepts a room as a result of the draw, has contracted for that room. If that student subsequently relinquishes the room, they may be subjected to a relinquishment fee and/or per diem charges. Please refer to Financial Services Regulations for the complete fee/reimbursement schedule. 

Once a change to housing has been made and confirmed by the Undergraduate Housing office, a student can expect to see an update to their student account within one week. If after one week the charges have not been updated, the student should reach out to the Registrar for assistance.