Special Housing Requests and Accommodations

ADA Accommodations 

Housing Accommodations are granted solely by the Student Accessibility Services office, and students may be required to reapply for accommodation each year. The deadline for housing accommodation requests is January 25, 2024. While requests for accommodations will be considered after the deadline, the accommodation cannot be guaranteed to be met if a request was not received by the deadline.  
Students with an approved Housing Accommodation will see this information reflected in the Undergraduate Housing Portal after February 19th.  In addition to the accommodation on file, students will also be provided information on how their accommodation can be guaranteed to be met.  Depending on the accommodation, and the housing inventory available in a student’s college, there are three possible pathways to a guaranteed accommodation: 
  • Some accommodations can be met in all available housing, and students will be directed to proceed through grouping in any configuration available in their draw. 
  • Some accommodations may be met in most available housing. Students will proceed through grouping, and will be directed to form a group that will allow for their accommodation to be met. For example, a student with an accommodation for a single must form into a group size that will allow for their group to select a suite with a single in it. Similarly, a student with an accommodation for a nut-free suite should group with students who will abide by this accommodation. 
  • Some accommodations can only be met in very limited available housing.  In these instances, students may opt to either accept their accommodation and be manually placed in housing pre-draw or decline their accommodation and proceed through the grouping and room selection stages of room draw.  
Please note: if you decline your housing accommodation, either through opting out of pre-draw placement or through forming into a group that cannot meet your accommodation, your accommodation cannot be guaranteed. 

Single Gender Bathroom Requests 

Housing in Yale College is gender inclusive, with shared mixed-gender bathrooms in most spaces. Students seeking single gender bathrooms may make this request during the Intent phase of Room Draw.  While every effort will be made to meet all requests, placements are not guaranteed. 
Please note: once the Intent Declaration period has concluded on February 12th, students will no longer be able to request a single gender bathroom.
Please note the following important information: 
  • If you are placed in housing with a single gender bathroom, you will be expected to ask any visitors of other genders to use other bathrooms in the entryway. 
  • This request does not guarantee an in-suite bathroom. In many cases, one bathroom in an entryway will be converted to single gender. 
  • This request does not guarantee students will be assigned to a single room.

Religious Accommodations 

Yale College has no formal religious accommodation policy, but the residential colleges and the housing team will take reasonable steps to meet students’ needs. For example, students with sabbath obligations can be issued physical keys and assigned to colleges without automatic lighting or plumbing. Students seeking single-gender bathrooms can make requests as described above.

Opt Out of Grouping 

If you are planning to live on campus but prefer not to participate in grouping, you can opt out of the remaining stages of room draw by selecting to Opt Out of Grouping. If you select this option you will be assigned to a bedroom by the Housing Office and you will not participate in any further stages of room draw.   
Please note that you will be assigned to a partially filled suite with students in your same draw (class year), and that you will have suitemates and/or a roommate. You will receive email notification of your assignment, along with the names of any suitemates, after room selection has ended in early April.