Special Populations

Students Currently Abroad, on Leave, or on Medical Leave

Students in the above categories who are scheduled to return to Yale College in the fall may be included in the room draw process. To ensure they are listed as eligible, such students must notify their residential college dean’s office in writing of their intention to live on campus and adhere to all deadlines using the Undergraduate Housing Portal.
If you are on leave or medical leave and plan to return in the fall, please let your college dean’s office know as soon as possible if you wish to be included in the housing process.

Students Currently Withdrawn

Withdrawn students may not take part in the housing process. Still, they should notify their residential college dean’s office if they intend to seek reinstatement and campus housing in the fall. Withdrawn students who expect to need housing in the fall should request housing through the Waitlist which will open in mid-February.

Spring Arrivals

Students who will be away from Yale in the fall term (e.g. term abroad, leave of absence, etc.) may not draw a room for the following year.
Requests for second-semester housing for students who will be abroad or on leave in the fall must be submitted via the Undergraduate Housing Portal by November 30, 2024. Housing will be assigned to returning students based on availability. Every attempt will be made to accommodate returning students seeking second-semester housing but cannot be guaranteed.

Change of College Affiliation 

The application process for change of college affiliation is overseen centrally by the Yale College Dean’s Office.  Applications are open from January 22, 2024 – February 5, 2024 at 12pm. Students may request a change of college affiliation by completing this application.
Transfer applicants need a current student in the prospective residential college to sponsor the transfer. Please note that approved transfer requests, and housing arrangements included on applications, are binding. Students will be notified of application status the week of February 19th.
This process does not require or invite students to make appeals to their current residential college staff, or that of the college to which they are applying to transfer beyond the information being requested in the form.