Dormitory Check-In

August 2020 Arrival 

Medical Student Check-In for Harkness Hall
Location Date Time

Medical Students

Thursday, August 1, 2020 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Location Date Time

HHH, Harkness Hall, 272 Elm and Baker Hall

Thursday, August 1, 2020 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Check-In Weekend
Location Date Time
254 Prospect St. and 276 Prospect St. Thursday, August 1, 2020 By appointment, contact your Community Fellow
Late Check-In
Location Date Time
All Dorms After Thursday, August 1, 2020 By appointment, contact your Community Fellow.
  • There will be check-in stations at Harkness Hall, 272 Elm, Baker Hall and HHH during Check-In Day.
  • ​Check in directly at your assigned dormitory address to pick up keys and a temporary access card.

After Move-In Check-Ins

  • ALL dormitory check-ins outside of the posted dates and hours are by appointment only with the Community Fellow of the student’s dormitory – for both new and returning students. Click here for the Community Fellow contact information. 

Appointment Check-in Recommendations:

  • Three to five days prior to arrival, confirm your appointment with your Community Fellow with the date and approximate time you are arriving to New Haven.
  • If two days pass without confirmation, email for assistance.

How to gain access to your building - ID Card

  • You will receive a temporary access card from Yale Housing that will allow electronic card access into your residential building until you are provided a new Yale ID at your School Orientation.
  • Temporary IDs MUST be returned to the Housing Office upon receipt of your permanent Yale ID.